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Keepin' it Fresh is a custom apparel company specializing in embroidery and screen printing. We pride ourselves in creating apparel of the highest quality while exceeding your expectations when it comes to customer service. Hats, shirts, hoodies, and more; we are here to help.

Creating custom apparel for breweries is a large part of our business, so we adopted the idea that clean water makes great beer. That's why we donate a large portion of our sales to water conservation projects around the country. Cheers, to keepin' it fresh!

Full Sail Brewing Company's Executive Brewmaster Jamie Emmerson explains the steps the Brewery takes to conserve water and how they manage to have one of the lowest water use to beer ratios in the industry. is a great company that is teaming up with and breweries all over the country to sell beer in order to raise money to get clean water to 3rd world and developing countries. JackieO's is one of those breweries located in Athens, Ohio that has a stand out reputation for creating great beers.


Get your beer & brewing questions answered by the #RBBBeerGeek, Ryan Engemann. Curious about how to improve your homebrews? Wondering why clean water is important to the brewing process? This is your chance! Submit questions via Facebook Submit questions via Twitter #RBBBeerGeek Also keep your eyes open for our live uStream sessions.


West Michigan breweries want the Great Lakes to be included in the clean water act to save the taste of beer.


Clean water is essential to great-tasting beer. Even more, it's critical for public health and the health of a wide range of industries. That's why craft breweries are teaming up with the Natural Resources Defense Council to stand up for clean water and to enforce the Clean Water Act.


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