Keepin' it Fresh

Custom Embroidery & Printing

Keepin' it Fresh is a custom apparel company specializing in embroidery and screen printing. We pride ourselves in creating apparel of the highest quality while exceeding your expectations when it comes to customer service. Hats, shirts, hoodies, and more; we are here to help.

Creating custom apparel for breweries is a large part of our business, so we adopted the idea that clean water makes great beer. That's why we donate a large portion of our sales to water conservation projects around the country. Cheers, to keepin' it fresh!

Clothing Apparel

Our online store is a consistently growing marketplace for brewery apparel from all over the country. As a young company, our concept is simple: find breweries that are passionate about water conservation and embroider their logos onto baseball caps. We currently offer four styles of caps in several different colors. Simply choose your favorite logo, style, color, size, and we’ll make a cap that fits your needs. And because a portion of the total sale price goes back to the brewery on your cap, you'll be showing some love for your favorite brews while helping this industry thrive!

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